BLACK POINT:  A peninsula of about 710 acres on Hood Canal, just above the estuary for the Duckabush River.

THE MASTER PLANNED RESORT (MPR): The FSEIS proposes an MPR on a 231 acre site.  The plan includes:

  • 9 hole golf course with a 3 hole practice course
  • 890 residential units
  • 56,608 square feet of commercial space and amenities;
  • 1 million cubic yards of earth moved


  • The MPR will damage or destroy the only aquifer on Black Point by
    • inject water from sewage treatment back into the aquifer
    • destroying a kettle which is part of the aquifer recharge area
    • drawing down the unique aquifer, which can cause salt water intrusion in homeowner wells
  • Taxpayers will pay for infrastructure and public services.   Research shows even when tax revenues begin, later in the construction phases, the revenues do not pay for infrastructure costs.
  • Traffic will increase by up to 4100 car trips a day.  This will not only create congested traffic, but will pollute Hood Canal with copper and zinc.  It will increase the nitrogen problems and dead zones in the Canal.
  • Four out of five jobs created will be poverty level.  This will depress wages and benefits in other local jobs.
  • Environmental damage will include harm to water quality in Hood Canal, to the Duckabush shellfish beds, to wetlands, and to wildlife.  The golf course will require excessive water and chemicals to maintain.
  • Conditions set for the development require consultation with local Tribes, since this is their Usual and Customary Hunting and Fishing Grounds. The site is culturally significant to local Tribes.  Port Gamble S'Klallam Tribe is not satisfied with the consultation efforts that have taken place.