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Brinnon Group

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When was the Brinnon Group formed?

An informal group of concerned Brinnon residents started about 2001.  The group was incorporated in 2008 as a Washington State non profit


What is the goal of the Brinnon Group?

The Brinnon Group seeks development on Hood Canal that supports the environment and working families.  This means development that creates living wage jobs and preserves the natural features that cause families to move there for a healthy lifestyle.


What has the law firm done so far?

The law firm is Aramburu and Eustis. The law firm has analyzed the FSEIS, the 2016 alternative proposal, the draft development agreement, and the draft development regulations.  It has written letters to the Board of County Commissioners on deficiencies in these plans, including asking for $38M in tax money to support them.

Rick Aramburu has done research on the developer's history that the county has refused to do and has included this in his letters.


What is the significance of what the law firm has done?

Letters from the law firm have pointed out serious problems for taxpayers with the development.  They also form the basis for future appeals of county decisions.  Here is a link to the letters (bottom of page).


What work might the law form do in the future?

The law firm is positioned to start an appeal to the Growth Management Board within 60 days if the county approves the  current plans.