Port Gamble S'Klallam Tribe Letter to Planning Commission on Placing Black Point on the National Register of Historical Places

Port Gamble S'Klallam Tribe 3/15/16 Letter to Planning Commission on Issues with SEIS

4/18/16 Minutes of Government to Government Meeting (Start Page 5)

County Commissioners' 5/3/16 Letter to Planning Commission Requesting Them to Review Development Regulations without Tribal Consultation Being Complete

5/10/16 Draft Consultation Plan with Cover Letter from Port Gamble S'Klallam Tribe to County Commissioners

County Commissioners 6/9/17 Letter to the Planning Commission Extending the Deadline for Completing Their Review of the Development Regulations and Establishing That the BOCC Will Give the Planning Commission the Opportunity to Review and Comment on the Development Agreement.

Carol Morris 6/27/16 Letter to County Commissioners on Issues with Development Regulations

Garth Mann 7/1/16 Response to Carol Morris

Planning Commission 7/6/16 Letter to County Commissioners with Edited Development Regulations

Planning Commission Edited Development Regulations

Carol Morris 7/12/16 Response to Garth Mann Letter

7/18/16 Email from Port Gamble S'Klallam Tribe to County Commissioners Asking for Written Explanation of County Rejecting Draft Consultation Process

9/14/16 Email from David Sullivan to Garth Mann about Explaining New Plan to Jeromy Sullivan

9/19/16 Letter From Garth Mann to Jeromy Sullivan about Vision Plan

Vision Plan

10/3/16 Email from Don Coleman to Patty Charnas and Michelle Farfan with Copy of Vision Plan

10/7/16 Public Disclosure Request from Garth Mann's Attorney for All Records Related to MPR

10/19/16 Letter from Patty Charnas to Garth Mann about Vision Plan

10/19/16 Letter from Garth Mann Asking for Conference Call with David Sullivan

11/1/16 Letter from Charnas to Mann About Setting Up Meetings

11/2/16 Letter from Garth Mann's Attorney to Charnas with Issues About County Actions Related to Development Regulations and Response to Her Letters

11/18/16 County Prosecutor Response to Garth Mann's Attorney (Cooke)

11/29/16 Letter from Brinnon Group to County Officials about Problems with Vision Plan, Including Asking for Almost $38 Million Dollars of Taxpayer Money

Final Minutes of 12/14/16 Meeting With Garth Mann, Patty Charnas, Roma Call, and Don Coleman